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Since I am a HUGE chocoholic, the minute I saw an Amazon Local deal for a chocolate tour, I did not hesitate to purchase two tickets.  The description stated it was a two-hour tour with eight tastings, which was enough to get my mouth salivating. After checking the Great New York Tours website to book a date, I was able to see the 8 places that would be visited during the tour. The description read as follows: Continue reading

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Normal Gets You Nowhere

Normal Gets You NOWHERE by Kelly Cutrone

Normal Gets You NOWHERE by Kelly Cutrone

Kelly Cutrone is one of the BOLDEST, successful women out there and after reading this book, I have added her to my list of role models. I decided to purchase this book for two reasons: 1) the cover sparked my curiousity and 2) I couldn’t agree more with the name of the title- “NORMAL GETS YOU NOWHERE.” This book is realistic, daring, amusing and addicting. Once I started it, I could not put it down. I just wanted to read more and more about what Kelly had to say. After reading the titles of the chapters in the table of contents, I knew this would easily become one of my favorite books. Kelly also included passages from the Kalama Suttawritten by The Buddha. One line that stuck with me was Do not follow tradition blindly merely because it has been practiced in that way for many generations.”

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Fab Finds Friday 7

Hey there!

These are my top 3 favorite products and current obsessions for the week:


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4th of July at Fire Island!

Prior to the fourth of July, I had never been to Fire Island. My friend Amy and I decided to be adventurous and take a last minute trip there. We parked our car in the parking lot ($20 fee) and walked (12 minutes) to the ferry. We caught the 5:15pm ferry, which was filled with tons of entertaining 20-something year olds. It was about a 20 minute ferry ride over to Ocean Beach, which felt like a little “escape” island.

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Guest Post from my June Foodie Penpal: Jessi Boehme, RD

Foodie Pen Pals: Michigan to New York

What a better way to celebrate one of the most important days of my life than receiving and divulging in my first foodie pen pal package.  My name is Jessi, I’m a fresh out of the oven Registered Dietitian, as of June 27th, 2013, living on the beautiful West side of Michigan. I discovered the foodie pen pal program through my work with the owners of I was paired with Mabel from New York and she hit the nail on the head with my goodies!

This is what I sent Jessi :)

This is what I sent Jessi 🙂

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