Fab Finds Friday 8

Hello friends!

Hope everyone had a wonderful New Years! I am excited to begin 2014 with a refreshing list of resolutions goals.  These are my top 3 favorite products (life changers) and current obsessions for the week:

1) B12 Complex Vitamins– Since I am officially a vegetarian, it is essential that I take these vitamins in order to obtain the vitamins that are found in animal products. I must say these vitamins have made a huge difference in my life. I now have much more energy and lower levels of stress and anxiety. These vitamins will remain a staple to my diet for as long as I live. They also provide heart and blood health and metabolism and immune system support. I have tried two brands: Garden of Life Vitamin Code and Natural Vitality. Both brands are RAW, Vegan, Gluten Free and Dairy Free. You can find them at Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppe or order them off Vitacost. 

photo 3-3

Vitamin B12 Complex

Vitamin B12 Complex

Vitamin B12 Complex

2) Probiotics Since I am lactose intolerant, I have decided to go completely dairy free to avoid suffocating anyone and prevent sharp stomach pains, gas and bloating. During the holidays, it is difficult to monitor every ounce that goes into your body especially when you are attending parties left and right. After allowing myself to consume a small amount of dairy a couple weeks ago,  my digestive system became out of whack. I was discussing my frustration with my best friend Sarah and she suggested I look into buying probiotics (she swears by them). Since my stomach also became sensitive to greek yogurt, I was not getting a sufficient amount of probiotics in my diet. I decided to take a trip to Whole Foods and purchased another life-changer and newest staple to my diet. Probiotics promote healthy bacteria in the gut, supports bowel regularity and overall digestive function and relieves occasional gas and constipation. Garden of Life Raw Probiotics for Women is the only brand I have tried so far and I am very happy with the results. They are a bit pricey BUT totally worth it. They are RAW and Gluten Free.
RAW Probiotics

RAW Probiotics

3. Dry Brush– After reading one of the most life-changing books Crazy, Sexy Diet, which has inspired me to become a vegetarian and nearly vegan, I have added dry brushing to my daily routine. There are many benefits to dry brushing such as: 1) stimulating the lymphatic system, which helps eliminate toxins from the body 2) increasing circulation to the skin (our largest organ), which encourages removal of metabolic waste and 3)removal of dead skin cells (results in glowing complexion) and opening of clogged pores (amazing for ingrown hairs in pubic area). 
I must warn you that dry 
brushing does not feel good at first, but after making it part of your daily routine (1-2 minutes before hopping in the shower), you will grow accustomed to it and almost crave it. So splurge on this beauty essential (about $10) and brush away as you watch the benefits circulate your body.

dry brush

dry brush

Happy Friday!



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Welcome! My name is Mabel Del Castillo. I am a graduate from Fairfield University. My major was Journalism and my minors were Communications and Marketing. I am obsessed with fitness, beauty, wellness, health and nutrition. I also have a huge sweet tooth. My interests include working out, traveling, dining, reading magazines and books, going on adventures and living a fun healthy life! I hope you enjoy reading my blog and follow me while I discover and indulge in the little bits of life!
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