Perfect weather, perfect time.. wineries on a Saturday with my mother!

This Saturday my mother and I decided to take a trip down to the North fork Wineries in Long Island to enjoy our beautiful day off. Before our trip, we stopped at Fairway Market to pick up salads, grapes and Larabars to bring with us. At 11am we started our 1hr and 1/2 journey to the good ol’ wineries and arrived at approximately 12:30ish (there was no traffic)! The first winery on our itinerary was The Palmer Vineyards BUT of course after coming across an organic farmer’s market we had to make a pit stop.

Garden of Eden Organic Market

Garden of Eden Organic Market


fresh organic strawberries, 4.50/pint

fresh organic strawberries, 4.50/pint

Since it is strawberry season, their were tons and tons of strawberries selling for $4.50 a pint. I was in awe with all this little market had to offer from pumpkin butter to local honey, homemade organic granola to soft baked organic cookies, different kinds of plants and even a place to sit down and order food. After purchasing a few local goodies, we proceeded to PALMER (literally 3 minutes down the road).

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When we got there, the parking lot was full of cars and people having wine everywhere! We decided to go to the bar and order our first flight. I chose an aromatic white flight because I prefer white wine in warmer weather and my mom chose a merlot flight because she prefers red wine in general. The bartender gave us our flights on a separate tray so that we had the option to bring it outside with us. Since the day was absolutely gorgeous, we grabbed our trays and sat outside near the band that was playing. We sipped our flights as we listened to music and people watched (one of our favorite activities haha).




aromatic white flight

aromatic white flight

Merlot flight

Merlot flight



the band

the band


loving this day :)

loving this day 🙂

I noticed many people drinking a blush colored wine, so I decided that after I was finished with my flight, I would go purchase a glass of it. The bartender inside was absolutely gorgeous and after making eye contact throughout my whole time there, I thought it was the perfect time to go in a claim my free glass of wine 😉 It was very light and refreshing.


of course, I had to let my mother sample the blush wine!

of course, I had to let my mother sample the blush wine!


We proceeded to one of our all time favorite wineries, Martha Clara. One of my favorite things about Martha Clara is all the cute knick knacks they have as you enter, such as wine stoppers, magnets, kitchen towels, cheese cutters, christmas ornaments etc.This winery was equally as packed and there was also a band playing. I decided to do another aromatic white wine flight and my mother did a red reserve one, of course! The bartender explained each of the wines we were sampling as we went through our flight simultaneously.

0615131531 0615131533 0615131541 0615131542 0615131543 0615131543a 0615131617

After completing our flight we both decided to go to our last favorite winery… Macari. Unfortunately, as we approached this vineyard we saw a sign saying “CLOSED- for private party.” As disappointed as we were, we didn’t want to go home yet and we were starting to get hungry so we decided to go back to Palmer Vineyards and have lunch. We brought our delicious salads and grapes inside with us, ordered a couple more flights and proceeded to have a late lunch outside, while listening to the band play and soaking up the beautiful weather. 


Before we left I wanted to purchase a bottle of wine. Surprisingly, I wanted to purchase a red one even though I was drinking white wine all day. After asking the cute bartender I had approached earlier, and having complimentary samples to suit my taste of red wine (opposite of his), I opted to a fabulous red blend.

Leaving nothing but empty wine glasses behind, my mother and I decided we should start heading back home. Overall, this was one of the best days I have shared with my mother. It was fun, funny and relaxing. My conclusion is that Saturdays is a PERFECT day to go to the wineries with friends, your significant other or even your mom 🙂


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