Review of the Larabar collection

Since you already know I am OBSESSED with Larabars, I’ve always been curious to try the other types of bars they offer– ALT, JOCOLAT and ÜBER. Being that both the Fairway and Whole Foods near me do not carry these three kinds, I decided to contact Larabar directly. I got in touch with the marketing department, asked them a few questions and requested for them to send me a couple bars from each line so that I can review them for my blog.


After telling Stacy, the marketing coordinator, my flavor preferences she sent me a small box consisting of six different bars. For the ALT bars, I received cinnamon apple crisp and pumpkin pie . For the ÜBER bars, I received apple turnover and banana foster. For the JOCALAT bars, I received the chocolate hazelnut and chocolate mint.


For an entire week a tried one bar each day and here are my thoughts on them:

I would definitely recommend the ALT bars (The Alternative Protein Bar) either before or after a workout due to the high protein content. I tried mine before a Soulcycle class and after a kickboxing class and it was satisfying. These bars are gluten free, dairy free, non-GMO, kosher and vegan. 1 bar= 1/4 cup of fruit. It is low sodium AND the second ingredient in each bar is pea protein.  The texture of these bars are harder than the regular Larabars, but the flavor is dead on. For the cinnamon apple crisp I was able to really taste the cinnamon, apple and ground peanuts. The pumpkin pie bar tasted like a healthier replica of a pumpkin pie. Winner: I would say BOTH flavors were tied for me.

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Highlights of the nutritional information for both bars:
Calories- 210-220
Total Fat- 6g (9-10% DV)
Carbohydrates- 30g (10%DV)
Protein- 10g (12-13% DV)
Fiber- 3g (12% DV)
Sugar- 18-19g
Pumpkin Pie: dates, pea protein, brown rice syrup, brown rice flour, dried pumpkin, sunflower oil, spice
Cinnamon Apple Crispdates, pea protein, ground peanuts, brown rice syrup, brown rice flour, dried apples, sunflower oil, cinnamon, natural flavor

I would recommend the ÜBER bars if you are a big fan of kind bars and/or trail mix. These bars are absolutely delicious and the flavors they offer are great- apple turnover, bananas foster, cherry cobbler, coconut macaroon (new), roasted nut roll and sticky bun (new). These bars are known as the “sweet and salty fruit and nut bar.”  I tried one of these bars while I was out shopping with my mom and needed something to hold me over until dinner and on my way to work because I was starving. They are not the most filling bars BUT they will do the trick (approximately 1.5 hrs). I tried the banana foster and apple turnover. Larabar recently released its two newest flavors coconut macaroon and sticky bun, which I am dying to try!! Winner: Although I LOVE bananas, I would have to say the apple turnover did it for me.

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Highlights of the nutritional information for both bars:
Calories- 190-230
Total Fat- 11-17g (17- 26% DV) 
Carbohydrates- 14-20g (5-7%DV)
Protein- 3-4g 
Fiber- 3g (11% DV)
Sugar- 8-15g
Apple Turnover: walnuts, dried apples, brown rice syrup, raisins, dates, pecans, honey, sea salt, cinnamon
Banana Fosterwalnuts, almonds, brown rice syrup, raisins, dried bananas, pecans, honey, sea salt, cinnamon.

Lastly, I would recommend the JŎCALAT bars known as “the pure organic chocolate food bar,” if you need a quick pick me up during the day or even as a little treat after lunch.  These bars have 5g of fiber, 1/2 serving of fruit and have 15% of the recommended daily value of Magnesium. I had tried one of the bars before a strength training class and split one after having a light lunch. I originally requested either the chocolate hazelnut, the chocolate and/or the chocolate coffee. Unfortunately, due to the lack of chocolate coffee and chocolate in their office, I received chocolate hazelnut and chocolate mint. I absolutely LOVED the chocolate hazelnut, but not the chocolate mint because I despise the chocolate and mint combination in general. After taking a bite, I proceeded to give it to my sister and she thoroughly enjoyed it. I wish these bars were easily accessible near me because I would definitely purchase at least 2 per week. Winner: hands down the chocolate hazelnut!!!!

0606131742 0606131745

Highlights of the nutritional information for both bars:
Calories- 190-200
Total Fat- 9-10g (14- 6% DV) 
Carbohydrates- 26-27g (9%DV)
Protein- 4g 
Fiber- 5g (20-22% DV)
Sugar- 20-21g
Chocolate Hazelnut: organic dates, organic hazelnuts, organic almonds, organic cocoa powder, organic unsweetened chocolate
Chocolate Mintorganic dates, organic almonds, organic unsweetened chocolate, organic cocoa powder, organic vanilla flavor, organic peppermint flavor.

My overall ratings of these bars based on taste would be:

1) JŎCALAT bars
2) ÜBER bars
3) ALT bars
However, after trying the collection of different larabars.. My ABSOLUTE favorite are still the  ORIGINAL ones.   

Have you tried the any of the ALT bars, ÜBER bars or JŎCALAT bars before, if so what are your thoughts? What is your favorite original Larabar flavor?


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