Fab Finds Friday 3

Hi babeskies,

These are my top 3 favorite products and current obsessions for the week:


1) Organic Dried Mango- I have been hooked on these chewy, mouth-watering mango slices since one of my co-workers introduced this to me. I LOVE mango and since finding a ripe one isn’t always that easy, this is a more convenient way to ENJOY it. I usually pick some up when I go food shopping (at Whole Foods or Fairway) every week and have it as a late night snack when I am up late or to satisfy my sweet tooth. If they don’t have it in the bulk section of your supermarket, you can probably find packaged brands such as Nature’s All or Kopali (check near dried fruits). ** Since mangos are naturally sweet, THERE IS NO SUGAR ADDED.

organic dried mango

organic dried mango

2) Greenola- I absolutely LOVE kale and granola. When one of my favorite yoga teacher’s and friends, Jen Errante, told me her latest obsession was Greenola, it immediately became mine. Greenola is basically Kale in the form of granola (all greens, no grains). I have tried two different ones from New York Naturals— Spirulina Crunch and Cranberry Nut Crunch. Cranberry Nut Crunch (hands down my favorite of the two) consists of Kale, Dates, Almonds, Coconut Flakes, Cranberries, Sesame Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Walnuts, Cinnamon. After looking at their website I noticed they have two other kinds- Cherry Chia and Raisin Coconut. Please be advised that you will probably devour this in one sitting whether you are sharing with your mom or watching TV.




3) Brewla Bars– Since the weather has been rather nice lately, I have been craving cold things such as ice pops. I came across these ice pops while browsing through Whole Foods one day because they were having people sample different flavors. I sampled the peach ginger and white tea, known as “the lullaby,” and instantly fell in LOVE. These bars are refreshing and soothing. They give you just the right cool down you need after dinner on a warm night.

Brewla Ice Pops

Brewla Ice Pops

Happy Friday!




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Welcome! My name is Mabel Del Castillo. I am a graduate from Fairfield University. My major was Journalism and my minors were Communications and Marketing. I am obsessed with fitness, beauty, wellness, health and nutrition. I also have a huge sweet tooth. My interests include working out, traveling, dining, reading magazines and books, going on adventures and living a fun healthy life! I hope you enjoy reading my blog and follow me while I discover and indulge in the little bits of life!
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2 Responses to Fab Finds Friday 3

  1. Rebecca says:

    So glad you enjoyed the Lullaby and thanks for the shout out 🙂 #lickwelllivewell…

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