Foodie Penpal 2

So this month was the second time I participated in Foodie Penpals. Basically you get paired with someone from anywhere in the US and send them a package based on their food taste. It is sooo exciting coming home to a package someone has put together after asking you several questions via email.

April foodie penpal package

April foodie penpal package

This month I got paired with Bonnie Hoots from Garden Grove, California. After getting a general idea of what I like, Bonnie sent me a box full of great goodies.  Since Bonnie has her own business called “Owl have a Cupcake,” she even sent me her business card 🙂

0-5One of my favorite things Bonnie sent me was the raspberries in dark chocolate bar from Chocolove. I like this brand of chocolate and I normally go for the dark chocolate, almonds and sea salt bar so this was a pleasant surprise. I tend not to try anything with raspberries so I was shocked at how much I enjoyed it.

one of my favorite items

one of my favorite items

Another item, Bonnie sent me which I never tried before were Coconut Chips. These delicious crunchy coconut chips were from Trader Joe’s. They have the right amount of crunch and make a great snack, which led me to devour the two servings in one sitting.

coconut chips

coconut chips

Although I love dark chocolate, I was not a fan of the Green & Black’s Organic Maya Gold chocolate bar. It had accents of orange and spices and I am not a fan of the orange and chocolate combination.

Green and Black's Maya Gold chocolate

Green and Black’s Maya Gold chocolate

Since Bonnie is a baker and knows that my favorite meal of the day is breakfast, she sent me a homemade Cranberry Nut Granola. I do not really like sesame seeds so this was not one of my faves, however, my mother LOVED it!

0-9 0-10

Bonnie also sent me some natural sea salt, which came in handy in the kitchen. I normally do not use ANY salt when I am cooking, but I’ve been adding a pinch here and there when I’m baking and it has definitely enhanced the flavor of some ingredients.

0-1 0-8 0-7Last but not least, Bonnie sent me some tea. This was a great surprise considering I have been OBSESSED with tea lately. She sent me two unique flavors: dark chocolate and sugar harmony. Obviously, dark chocolate was my fave of the two.

0-3 0-4Bonnie was a great foodie penpal and I was happy she introduced me to things I have never tried before.


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