Beet-utiful Smoothie

beet-utiful smoothie

I woke up this morning and joined a few of my lulu friends at Better Body Bootcamp in Great Neck, NY! I’ve been there a few times before and each time it is fun and totally different. There are two locations, one in Bayside and one in Great Neck, but I have only been to the one in Great Neck (even though I live in Bayside). The coaches, Salim and Kaiser, are great. Today Kaiser was our coach and he really gave us a TOTAL BODY workout by constantly changing and working on different body parts, with a buddy and alone.

better body bootcamp

After class today, I was craving a really good smoothie for replenishment. I came back home, opened my fridge and decided to create the ahhhmazing and delicious smoothie.

beet-utiful blender

Beet-utiful Smoothie


-2 handfuls of organic baby kale

-2 small beets

-1 organic banana

– 1/2 c of organic shredded carrot

-1/4 c of organic frozen blueberries

– 1 tbsp of ground chia seeds and/or flaxmeal

-1c of brewed green tea or water (more depending on preference)

-ice (optional)


1. Wash all the produce and put in the blender

2. Blend all the produce, chia seed and/or flaxmeal and ice

3. After 2-3 mins, pour into a glass and enjoy with a dash of cinnamon!

It  not only tastes great, but you are drinking a rainbow of health:

Green– Kale, Red– Beets , Orange– Carrots, Yellow– Banana and Purple/Blue -blueberries


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Welcome! My name is Mabel Del Castillo. I am a graduate from Fairfield University. My major was Journalism and my minors were Communications and Marketing. I am obsessed with fitness, beauty, wellness, health and nutrition. I also have a huge sweet tooth. My interests include working out, traveling, dining, reading magazines and books, going on adventures and living a fun healthy life! I hope you enjoy reading my blog and follow me while I discover and indulge in the little bits of life!
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