Dance Your Down Dog and Vegetarian Food Festival

As you may or may not know, I am an educator at lululemon athletica (one of the best company’s I have ever worked for)! Lululemon athletica is a luxury athletic apparel store whose mission is to “create components for people to live long, healthy, and fun lives.” Their vision is “to elevate the world from mediocracy to greatness.” Being that I strongly believe in living a healthy and happy lifestyle and constantly setting goals for myself, this company has helped me grow tremendously. I have been able to contribute to the community team by creating a R&D of the month program for our store, interviewing candidates, and planning classes and events in our community such as the one that occurred on Friday, March 1st at our store in Manhasset, NY.

This event was called Dance Your Down Dog, which was a combination of yoga and transdance (talk about a great night)!!! The yoga instructors who led the event were current ambassador Christine Mammes and alumni instructor Elyce Neuhaser.

dance your down dog

The turnout was about 60 people of all ages and by the end of the night, lets just say EVERYONE let their hair down. We provided our guest with cucumber and orange flavored water as well as chocolate covered strawberries from Azure Chocolat, located in Greenlawn, NY (you know it was a success when there was only one strawberry left at the end of the night).

To celebrate this great evening, a few of the girls from work and I went to Mim’s Restaurant in Roslyn, NY (this is where we had our company party). Their food is absolutely PHENOMINAL and after trying a strawberry blonde martini and a special chocolate espresso martini, I was convinced their drinks were FABULOUS as well. I must add that the bartenders are cute and very funny!


The next day I had to wake up early for an event I was counting down the days to. The VEGETARIAN FOOD FESTIVAL, in NYC. This was absolutely a dream come true. So of course, I decided to go with my foodie friend Steph (which you have heard about in prior posts). She lives in New Jersey so we met at Penn Station and since the day was nice we decided to walk there. It was held at The METROPOLITAN PAVILLION, located on 18th street and 6th ave. Naturally, we stopped at Starbucks on the way and I introduced Steph to my latest obsession… The Maui Mokka Reserve coffee which is brewed on a clover machine. This coffee is a bit more expensive but to me it is worth it because it is  bold and has hints of cocoa!

food festival booklet

Luckily when we got to the event, we did not have to wait very long because we stood on the VIP line (perks of buying tickets off Amazon Deals). We were welcomed by DF Mavens soy-based and coconut-based ice cream samples. I tried the salted praline soy-based ice cream and the chocolate coconut-based ice cream. I honestly COULD NOT pick my fav (surprise, surprise)!!

veggie food festival

We checked our coats into a complimentary coat check, entered a raffle and proceeded into a sea of samples such as nuts, chocolate, soup, peanut butter, sprouted chips, seitan, bars, cookies, popcorn, hemp seed, protein powder, skin care, etc.

steph and mabel pb

Steph and I posing at the Peanut Butter & Co. photo booth. We even got to keep the aprons just for letting them take a picture!

We even listened to a great speaker named Ellen Jaffe Jones, who wrote a book called “eat vegan on $4 a day.” She spoke about how eating a plant based diet is more affordable than we think. She also spoke about the perks of eating vegan, how she overcame a hysterectomy and how important it is to support our local farms. She suggested visiting The Local Harvest website to find out how we can support our local farmers and where they are located.$4 a day

Steph and I decided that our favorite samples were the Raw Revolution bars (which we are currently obsessed with), Peanut Butter and Co., Saratoga Peanut Butter Company, Sticky Fingers sweets and eatsthe Splendid Spoon soupery, It Tastes RAAW pure juice blends, DF Mavens dairy-free ice cream, Plant Fusion protein, and our ABSOLUTE favorite was the sweet potato black bean brownie we purchased from Beyond Sushi for $2.50. Two samples we were not crazy about were seitan and Kevita sparkling probiotic drink.

sweet pot brownie

These were the sweet potato black bean brownies from Beyond Sushi

After sampling every single vendor, we decided to go to City Bakery for some tea and recap our morning. We also people watched, discussed why living in the city would be IDEAL and constructed a mini- agenda for the rest of the day, which consisted of SHOPPING and WALKING.

clean plates book

This was one of my favorite purchases from the food festival. It is a guide to the healthiest and tastiest restaurants in NYC.

Our first stop was Trader Joe’s for $2.99/bottle wine, which Steph speaks very highly of. I purchased 2 bottles for $6.51 (WHAT A DEAL!!!!!)


After, we went to Urban Outfitters, where I purchased a pair of cream crochet Tom’s I was dying for. When we went into American Apparel, Steph decided to re-buy a great scarf she had lost on the train last week.


Next, we proceeded to the beautiful Alex and Ani store in SOHO, where we BOTH purchased our second Alex and Ani bracelets. I bought the OM bangle, which represents creation, oneness and truth.

alex and aniCoincidentally, CHOBANI Soho was conveniently across the street and since I’ve been dying to go to there for months now, we had to stop there!! Steph and I both got their Pistachio and Chocolate yogurt creation, which consisted of greek yogurt, pistachios, oranges, dark chocolate, mint and honey, it was DIVINE!! We even got to take the glass bowl home and reuse it (now it is officially my yogurt bowl).Chobani soho

Before heading back to Penn Station, Steph said we had to make one last stop. This is when she introduced me to Garrett’s Gourmet popcorn. Although I am not a huge popcorn fan the small mixed bag of almond caramel and chocolate covered caramel popcorn did NOT make it home as I had planned. While waiting for my train at Penn Station I devoured this addictive, delicious treat Steph had now made me well-acquainted with.


This was truly one of the BEST Saturdays ever! The weather was great and we were in a foodie bliss!!


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