Mabel and Steph find the BEST cookie in NYC!

Steph is a friend from college that I studied abroad with and discovered that we have the same taste buds when it comes to sweets. Our favorite treat in the whole wide world are COOKIES.. but not just any type of cookies.. they must be homemade, soft-baked cookies!!

Steph and I in Australia… a different country does not stop us from making or finding the best cookies

Steph and I thought it would be a good idea to meet up in NYC to find the best soft baked cookie. We made a list of 4 places: Levain Bakery, The City Bakery, Milk and Cookies and Eleni’s Cookies.

The motto we live by

The first place we went to was Levain Bakery, located at 167 W 74th Street. We had both previously tried the double chocolate chip and Steph had tried the Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip (I HATE PB!). SO this time we decided to try the oatmeal raisin and the chocolate chip walnut. These cookies were honestly everything you can ask for: big, gooey, warm, soft. After a long discussion we decided that the Chocolate Chip Walnut was the winner.

Levain Bakery- $4.00/cookie

The next bakery we tried was The City Bakery, located at 3 W 18th Street. We decided to try the coconut cookie and the chocolate chip cookie. We easily decided th coconut was the winner because it was different and had a lot of coconut. The chocolate chip cookie was too thin and not gooey enough.

The City Bakery- $3.00/cookie

chocolate chip cookie

Coconut cookie

Next we decided to go to Eleni’s Cookies, located at 75 9th Ave, inside the Chelsea Food Market. I was really excited to go here because Steph told me this place was like a foodie’s dream. There were so many little shops specializing in wine, brownies, nuts etc. There was even a meat pie which we visited in hopes of running into a cute Australian. Since Steph and I are into soft baked cookies, Eleni’s didn’t really tickle our fancy because the majority of their cookies were hard sugar cookies.

hard sugar cookies are a NO-GO for us!

We decided to just go for 1 cookie (chocolate therapy), which automatically made it the winner. And since we LOVE LOVE LOVE free samples and will NEVER EVER turn any cookie ones down, we got to try the oatmeal raisin cookie on way out, but it wasn’t as good as the chocolate therapy one. However, we did think this cookie could have been more chewy and used bigger chips.

Chocolate Therapy- $1.95/cookie

Now we decided it was time to do a little retail therapy and visit the famous DASH store in SOHO. After walking 18 blocks in the wrong direction we decided happy hour was calling our name, so we stopped to get a glass of wine.

happy hour

Steph and I enjoying our $5 glass of wine and we even got a free round thanks to a Robin Williams look alike.

After unwinding and catching up we decided to get back on our journey and finally visit DASH. It was nice but we both agreed it was overrated and very expensive. We think it would be more of a tourist attraction rather than a place you shop for on the regular.


Last but definitely not least, it was time to visit Milk and Cookies, located at 19 Commerce Street. These cookies were very irresistible so we decided to splurge and get 5 (salted oats, bacon smack, dark chocolate toffee, smores and milk chocolate caramel). The winner was the dark chocolate toffee.

milk and cookies- $2.50/ cookie

We decided to end the “best-day-ever” with sangria and nachos at a Mexican restaurant. We sat at the bar and discussed which cookie was going to be the winner.


the perfect idea of nachos

This is how we rated the 10 cookies we tried in order from least favorite to most favorite.

10. Smores (Milk and Cookies)

9. Chocolate Chip (The City Bakery)

8. Salted Oats (Milk and Cookies)

7. Bacon Smack (Milk and Cookies)

6. Chocolate Therapy (Eleni’s Cookies)

5. Coconut (The City Bakery)

4. Milk Chocolate Caramel (Milk and Cookies)

3. Dark Chocolate Toffee (Milk and Cookies)

2. Oatmeal Raisin (Levain Bakery)

1. Chocolate Chip Walnut (Levain Bakery)- no wonder they beat out Bobby Flay 😉

The WINNER: Levain’s chocolate chip walnut cookie


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