When I was 20… Philosophy Professor Richard Munkelt

Professor Richard Munkelt may have settled down now to being a sweet, genuine, dedicated philosophy professor, but during the 60’s he was social, partied, and enjoyed his college experience to the fullest.

The Mirror: What college did you attend? Home or Away?
Professor Munkelt: Kenyon College, Ohio. I went away.

TM: What were your friends like?
RM: I was born and raised in Brooklyn, then moved to Valley Stream, Long Island. My friends were loud, semi-athletic, and headed for college.

TM: What was your craziest college experience?
RM: I had a motorcycle accident, in which I broke my arm and would have died if I didn’t have a helmet on.

TM: What was your favorite class? Why?
RM: Philosophy because it was interesting.

TM: Did you ever fail a class?
RM: Never!

TM: What was your favorite band/group?
RM: Crosby Stills and Nash — they were big in the ‘60s.

TM: What was your typical weekend?
RM: Hanging out at a local college bar.

TM: Did you have a girlfriend or were you single?
RM: Girlfriend.

TM: What was your clothing style?
RM: That’s easy – long hair, T-shirt, jeans, and boots.

TM: What was your major?
RM: Philosophy.

TM: What was your job at the time?
RM: Drove a college shuttle bus.

TM: Biggest Fear?
RM: Having to work for a living.

TM: Favorite Fast Food restaurant?
RM: Wendy’s, but the burgers have gotten smaller; they used to be bigger back then.

TM: Did you have a fake id?
RM: No, but I had a draft card. Drinking was legal at 18 in NY, but in Ohio, it was 21.

TM: Worsthabit?
RM: Staying up late.

TM: Lesson learned?
RM: Self- control.

TM: Biggest regret?
RM: Not studying more, I could have done better.

TM: Favorite TV show?
RM: “I Dream of Jeannie.”

TM: Biggest celebrity crush?
RM: Barbara Eden.

TM: One word to describe your college experience?
PM: Out-of-control.


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