Hey Fairfield students! Have you ever been so hungry in class that you can’t even pay attention? All you are thinking about is “what am I going to have for lunch? I don’t want Barone, I don’t want the Stag, and there is nothing in my room.”

Well, if you are sitting at an 11-11:50 class and you want to feast for $7.50, I advise you to get on the 12 p.m. shuttle to town and get off right across the tanning salon. Within steps you will come across Fin, a Japanese restaurant located at 1253 Post Road.

Upon entering, you will be greeted by a very polite host and have the chance to sit wherever you’d like. As soon as you sit, you will find a napkin, chopsticks, a cute little dipping dish, and a flask of soy sauce. And if you are worried about not being able to use chopsticks, don’t worry. I think they assume the majority of people would prefer using forks, so they bring you a fork with the first part of your meal.

The service there is very efficient and pleasurable. All the employees are friendly and will explain everything to you to the best of their ability. Although there was a tiny bit of a language barrier when my roommate asked about the sushi, they still did the best they could to help her understand.

The place itself is very serene, with soothing music in the background, and many Japanese paintings on the wall. I even noticed that there was a man sitting by himself being entertained by the sushi chef.

A woman walked in minutes after we arrived and sat by herself as well. She enjoyed a glass of wine and chose the Shrimp Teriyaki Lunch Box Special. It seemed like she was a regular because she didn’t even bother looking at the menu and referred to the waitress on a friendly level.

The above meal for only $7.50? We’ll take it.

So who would have ever thought that for only $7.50, you can have your choice of a delicious soup or fresh salad (which I must add the dressing was phenomenal) followed by a tray containing a shrimp spring roll, dipping sauce, three California Rolls, cantaloupe, a choice of white or brown rice, and a small entrée?

I happened to choose the Chicken Teriyaki and it was to die for. I am really not a huge fan of Japanese food, but after this experience it is definite that I will go back. Another thing that I never thought I would try in a million years was the California Roll. I saw my roommate eating it and I looked at her in disgust, but after her begging me to try and promising that I wouldn’t puke, I fell in love with it.

Overall, the food was outstanding and after looking at reviews online and talking about it with a bunch of friends, it seems as though almost everyone agrees. Not only was it a delightful experience, but a filling one as well.


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Welcome! My name is Mabel Del Castillo. I am a graduate from Fairfield University. My major was Journalism and my minors were Communications and Marketing. I am obsessed with fitness, beauty, wellness, health and nutrition. I also have a huge sweet tooth. My interests include working out, traveling, dining, reading magazines and books, going on adventures and living a fun healthy life! I hope you enjoy reading my blog and follow me while I discover and indulge in the little bits of life!
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