Mrs. Green’s

Mrs. Green’s is the place to go for natural, healthy food – whether you are shopping for groceries or want to sit down and eat.

There are not many places in town where you can eat healthy, quality food and grocery shop all at once. Mrs.Green’s, located at 1916 Post Road, provides the freshest selection of produce, a variety of foods made daily, delectable treats, and an extremely friendly staff.

Upon entering this lovely natural store you are greeted by organic fruits and vegetables, an assorted salad bar, food samples and a glass counter filled with foods like salmon, grilled chicken, orzo, goat cheese quesadillas and turkey burgers.

“Who would have thought that eating healthy could be so hard when you have so many delicious foods to choose from?,” asked Ashley Zangara.

My personal favorite is the portabello mushroom burger. They heat it up for you and make it into a sandwich with lettuce, tomato, and spicy mustard all for $4.99. This delicious meal is usually followed by a heavenly walnut brownie, a slice of moist banana bread, or a mouthwatering piece of zucchini bread.

Another favorite is the salad from the salad bar, consisting of fresh mixed greens, craisins, falafel, spring rolls and a scoop of a unique orzo salad. You can also ask the workers at the counter to cut up a piece of juicy, marinated, grilled chicken, warm it up and toss it into your salad. The dressings Mrs. Green’s provides are like no other. This scrumptious salad is priced according to weight, but on average it comes out to be around $8.00, which is fairly priced considering everything in the salad is fresh and nutritious.

They also have a decent selection of pre-made foods designed for those who may be in a hurry or simply don’t want to sit down and eat. There is always a pot of soup made daily and various types of fresh coffee. They have smoothies and juices prepared right in front of your face.

Mrs. Green’s upholds a trust policy where you can eat in the back first and pay after. What other grocery store/sandwich shop allows their customers to enjoy a meal, a beverage, and dessert, and then pay after?

After indulging in a wholesome meal you may then proceed to grocery shop. Walking through the aisles you will come across an array of wheat-free products, dairy-free products, vegan products, organic products, low-carb products, and even kosher products. For those vegans, health obsessed people, or strict dieters out there, this is the perfect place to go.

The environment Mrs. Green’s provides is absolutely unique. I personally have never come across a store where the entire staff is so nice. I go there about once a week and I have never received any dirty looks, frowns, or groans. They are consistently friendly and you can tell that their number one priority is to make their customers feel happy.

Even the customers themselves are very amiable; they love conversing and invite you to sit with them if there are no tables available. They will sometimes ask “what are you eating?” or “have you tried this before?” They are also very shocked when they see such young students eating at one of the healthiest spots in town.

So the next time you are in town and feel like treating yourself to an affordable, healthy, unprocessed meal or want to find that organic yogurt you can’t seem to find anywhere else, enter the world of Mrs. Green’s and your only regret will be an addiction to this outstanding, distinctive place.


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