When I was 20… Economics Professor Dina Franceschi

Dina Franceschi is an outgoing, bubbly, loved economics professor who is heavily involved in the environmental program. During her 20’s she thoroughly enjoyed her college experience and when talking with The Mirror, jokingly said, “I can only divulge the PG rated version of my college experience at this time.”

The Mirror: What college did you attend? Home or Away?

Professor Franceschi: Penn State University. I went away.

TM: What were your friends like?

DF: My friends were hilarious, fairly ambitious, and fun loving. Our weekend generally started on Wednesday, so our Thursday and Friday classes were hard to make.

TM: What was your craziest college experience?

DF: Let’s just say it was a keg party celebrating someone’s birthday. There was a huge cake and slop all over the floor. By the end of the night my friends and I were doing body slides across the slippery wooden floors

TM: What was your favorite class? Why?

DF: Geology. I was into rocks at the time and it led to my interest in earth science.

TM: What was your favorite band/group?

DF: It was a Penn State band called “Outta the Blue,” which was a grateful dead cover band. I followed them around Pennsylvania for a summer.

TM: What was your favorite alcoholic beverage?

Well, the most consumed was definitely beer. I did have some bad experiences with tequila and amaretto.

TM: What was your typical weekend?

DF: Penn State football and parties around campus with my friends. We did a lot of frat house hopping. Bars were really strict!

TM: Did you have a boyfriend or were you single?

DF: I was dating the president of Skull fraternity.

TM: What was your clothing style?

DF: Very baggy things. Jeans that rested on the hips and we rolled the bottoms up. We wore lots of bows in our hairs and pearls. Buckskin shoes were very popular. When we dressed up we would wear preppy plaid skirts and peter pan collars, everything was very cutesy!

TM: Did you have a car? What kind?

DF: Yes, it was my very first car. It was a Pontiac Sunbird with a spoiler on the back.

TM: What was your major?

DF: Chemical engineering, but I flunked out fall of my sophomore year. My only A was in gym, everything else was a D. It was a tough Christmas!

TM: Biggest Fear?

DF: Going home during breaks because of my grades

TM: Favorite Fast Food restaurant?

DF: Baby’s! It was a burger joint/diner near Penn State.

TM: Did you have a fake id?

DF: There was no way because state schools were too strict! Eventually, junior year I did.

TM: Worst Habit?

DF: Smoking

TM: Lesson(s) learned?

DF: Have fun and don’t take things to seriously. Everything is possible. Explore academic options and don’t pigeon hole your options to what others think you should do. Don’t force something.

TM: Biggest regret?

DF: I loved college, but I would have to say eating too much because I gained the Freshman 15. I proceeded to work it off by sophomore year. I guess I was really active during high school and not as active in college.

TM: Favorite TV show?

DF: I didn’t watch too much television in college, I watched more during grad school. During college I was out of touch with the external world. I was more in touch with me, life, and my social life. State schools are isolated so there was no need for the external world.

TM: Biggest celebrity crush?

DF: Rob Lowe

TM: Favorite movie?

DF: I never really went to the movies, but I guess my friends and I liked the rocky horror picture show.

TM: One word to describe your college experience?

DF: Rational- Exuberance


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